100Psi Mini Electric Air Pump Portable 1260Mah Bicycle Pump Inflator

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100Psi Mini Electric Air Pump Portable 1260Mah Bicycle Pump Inflator Presta Schrader Valve Road MTB Bike Motorcycle Pump

Product Main Parameters:

Size: 75*46.5*28mm

Weight: 135g

Battery: 1260mAh (630mAh*2)

Max Pressure: 100 psi

Charging Mode: Type-C USB

Valve Fitness: Schrader&Presta

Working current: 7.4V/5 A

Input Parameters: 5V, 1.5A

Charging time: 60 min

Operating Noise: at a distance of 1 metre <80dB

Using Objects: Balls, electric cars, motorbikes, bicycles

What you need is an ultra-slim, featherlight pump that packs a powerful punch and slips right into your pocket. Imagine inflating your tires in a flash and getting back to the open road—freedom at your fingertips! The revolutionary Toptrek AirGo pump will make your cycling life a breeze. No more pump-related dread, just ride!

We have equipped an pump extension tube, which allows you to pump by pressing it directly or using the extension tube, making it more convenient.

Toptrek AirGo is the lightest bike pump ever, weighing a mere 135 g!The AirGo uses an aluminum alloy case and the smallest, lightest parts to achieve an impossibly lightweight 135g design without sacrificing power. It can pump up 4 bike tires quickly. No more anxiety about draining the battery after 1 or 2 tires!Its tiny size means you can stash it in a pocket or pack and barely notice it's there.

AirGo pumps at an incredible rate of 20 L/Min or more.

It can inflate a road bike tire from 0 to 100 PSI in just 2 minutes.

A mountain bike tire from 0 to 45 PSI takes only 1.5 minutes.

Need to revive a deflated basketball? AirGo will have it game-ready in a lightning- fast 45 seconds. Stay ahead of the pack with AirGo's unbeatable power and speed.

We understand the frustration of running out of power halfway through inflating your tires. That's why AirGo comes equipped with a mighty 630mAh*2 battery that ensures you're never left stranded. On a single charge, AirGo can inflate four road bike tires, effortlessly accommodating the needs of your entire cycling crew.

AirGo has USB QC3.0, so it charges really fast - it only takes 20 minutes to fully charge. It will be ready to inflate more tires!

When the on/off button is activated, three indicator lights will flash while charging and remain continuously lit once fully charged.

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling with valve adapters and complex setups. AirGo is designed to seamlessly fit both Presta and Schrader valves, effortlessly adapting to your tire's needs. Just attach AirGo, and the magic begins. It's as simple as a gentle breeze guiding you towards smooth and hassle-free inflation. Embrace the elegance of simplicity with AirGo.

AirGo has to work hard and may get hot,the silicone sleeve protects your hands from the heat, allowing you to pump comfortably. Unlike bare pumps that can cause burns, AirGo's sleeve makes pumping safe and convenient so you can start riding again immediately without waiting for it to cool down.

With a heat-resistant engine and high-capacity lithium battery, AirGo is built to last through years of frequent use and pumping at high pressures.

Unlike cheaply made pumps that fail quickly, AirGo is a solidly constructed inflator you can rely on.

But it doesn't stop there! AirGo's durability is unparalleled. Crafted with a heat-resistant engine and a high-capacity lithium battery, it's built to withstand the demands of frequent use and the rigors of high-pressure pumping. The robust aluminum alloy shell not only exudes a sleek aesthetic but also enhances heat dissipation, ensuring AirGo remains cool under pressure. It's a testament to our commitment to quality and longevity.

AirGo changes everything. Weighing just 135 grams, AirGo packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight, portable design that slips easily into your pocket or backpack. Ensure you're never left stranded with a flat again - get the power and convenience of AirGo today!

AirGo isn't just a mini bike pump—it's a gateway to a world of convenience, efficiency, and endless possibilities.Join our Kickstarter campaign today and secure your AirGo at an exclusive price.

Don't let outdated pumps hold you back. Embrace the revolution and experience cycling as it was meant to be—uncompromised and exhilarating.

We have upgraded the product, you will receive an upgraded version when you order it.

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